Our Story

Innovative tile company

Gruppo Nueva is the emerging and growing ceramic manufacturer that is renowned for the innovative production of ceramic excellence.

Strong Values for a Forward-Thinking Company.

Going back in 1997,
It all started in the small town of Morbi.
We were one of the first manufacturers to bring automated Italian technology to India. We had started with the 30x30cm Ceramic Floor Tiles and made our way with consistent hard work, passion, and strong values to become a trusted partner throughout the world.

Under the guidance of our founders, the third generation of the group has introduced Gruppo Nueva, A brand that stands for New Thinking. Thinking that aligns with our client's need to serve them better.

Nueva produces surfaces inspired by nature.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to deal with our customers and clientele in a customer-friendly ambiance and woo them with our matchless digitally vitrified tiles product quality and service. We keep our team up-to-date with the highest fineness and precision using ultra-modern formulating and embossing technology by paying attention to turn out the originally designed tiles products.

Our vision is to become a prominent manufacturer and exporter in the spheres of the tiles. To be a clock builder in manufacturing and creating environment-friendly porcelain tiles and GVT solution. We envision being a well-known brand entity in the tiles sector for its high-grade tiles products and service and standing out in customer service.

Innovation and sustainability

The safety and physical-mental wellbeing of people is our absolute priority which we pursue through continuous technical and organizational implementations, as well as training and refresher programs that ensure compliance with the established safety and environmental standards.

Gruppo Nueva recently obtained the certification to attest that its occupational health and safety management system is the main reference in the field of safety management. Italian company organisation models that comply with the OHSAS British Standard must also meet strict requirements regarding the organizational structure, planned activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures and resources, with a systematic approach to managing occupational health and safety and to developing and implementing the business policy.

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A leading manufacturer & exporter of tiles in India, located in the Morbi town of Gujarat.